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We have started mailing QSL's

26 Sep 2017

We have started sending QSL for all three islands. First for the donors and sponsors, second for direct request and then via buro. How to get QSL see on page contacts

RI0C is recognized as "the most extreme expedition"

24 Sep 2017

RI0C is recognized as "the most extreme expedition" by Russian Robinzon Club in Interham fest in Voronezh

All island activations is approved for IOTA credit

13 Aug 2017

Аccording to reports from IOTA committee the activations of AS-069, AS-114 and AS-044 is approved/validated for IOTA credit.

The team at full strength came back home

11 Aug 2017

The team in full force, including the crew of the yacht Esperance, returned home. Now we make layouts and printing QSL cards, make video clip and writing the article. All QSO's uploaded to Club Log.

Activation R24RRC of Bol'shoy Shantar island, AS-044 is over!

30 Jul 2017

Activation R24RRC of Bol'shoy Shantar island, AS-044 is over! About 4000 QSOs in the log. The team is going back to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur

R24RRC - Shantar islands, AS-044 on the air!

30 Jul 2017

The team is landing on Bolshoy Shatnar island and start to work on the air! Approximate time of activation - 3-4 days.

The next step of adventure - R24RRC - Shantar islands, AS-044

29 Jul 2017

The team is came to Perovskogo bay for recovery the fuel and water and for landing RA1ZZ, UA3LMR and take on board new members - R7AL/xyl, UA0CDH and UB9WLJ. The new and last target of this pedition is the Bolshoy Shantar island, AS-044. The time of trip is abt 2 days and abt 3 days they will be active from the island. Hope the wether will be better then on Iony island..

Activation AS-069 is over

26 Jul 2017

Due to very bad wather conditions activation AS-069 is over. More informatoin will be later.

Iony island RI0C is on the air!

24 Jul 2017

July 25, 2017, approximately 07:00 UTC ap. the RI0C team started working with the island. While only CW, According to the first "lycky ones", the passage is good,

Part of The team landed The ISLAND, AS-069

24 Jul 2017

According to Vasily R7AL, three team members (R7AL, RK8A, RW5D) landed  on the island with the equipment. It was too difficult and danger operation. At the time of 6:00 UTC, the equipment was being raised to the "house" area and the deployment of the first position.  Until tomorrow they will work with a power of 100 W for a range of 20 m. Tomorrow, under favorable weather conditions, RA1ZZ and UA3LMR will land on the island with the remaining equipment

The team is preparing to sail to the Iony island, AS-069

20 Jul 2017

The team is in Nickolaevsk-on-Amur and preparing to sail to the Iony island, AS-069 this evening!

Activaton of Baidukova island AS-114 finished

19 Jul 2017

Activaton R24RRC of Baidukova island (AS-114) is successfully finished with more than 4500 QSO and the taem returned to Nickolaevsk-on-Amur. Due to the hurricane the team left Baidukova island for 4 days later.

Baidukov island , AS-114, ON AIR

14 Jul 2017

Island of Baidukov was activated about 7 a.m. UTC. The team has 2 workplace and 2 days at least to spend on this Island. 

 Call sign for AS-114 is R24RRC.

Photo: Ozerpah village, Amur Firth

Island Baidukov, AS-114 will be activated by our team

13 Jul 2017

Due to the fact that the access of the yachts from the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was arrested, the team decided to activate the island of Baidukov, AS-114. Presumably, the activation will start at 12 UTC 15.07 and will last 2-4 days before the message of the captain of the yacht on arrival in Nikolaevsk-on-Amur will come. Call sign for AS-114 is R24RRC.

The team arrived to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur

13 Jul 2017

The team is arrived to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur and waiting for the yacht.

The team in Khabarovsk

12 Jul 2017

The team RI0C in Khabarovsk on guest of RN0CT and will leave for Nickolaevsk-on-Amur

The team is assembled and ready for the departure

11 Jul 2017

The team is assembled in Sheremet'evo airport and ready for the departure.

Settling-down location of the expedition in real time

25 Jun 2017

To track the expedition in real time we purchased a GPS tracker. To follow our travels you can at the "Plans" page of our website. Before the expedition tracker is located in Moscow and running in test mode.

Our team will set Orthodox cross on the St. Iony island

09 Jun 2017

Our team took on a noble mission for the installation of the Orthodox cross on top of the island in honor of St. Iony. Our idea was supported by the Church of St. Nicholas in the city of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur.

​Main part of our equipment sent to Nikolaevsk-na-Amure

06 Jun 2017

Main part of our equipment sent to Nikolaevsk-na-Amure including tents, antennas, masts and amplifiers. The total weight - 300 kg.

Bought tickets to Khabarovsk and back

02 Mar 2017

We had bought the tickets to Khabarovsk and back. Expedition dates have changed a little. For details please see PLANS page.

КопияYacht "Esperance" is ready for travel

15 Feb 2017

Yacht Esperance passed diagnostics and located in the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Our team made a landing on this boat on Kambalny (Toporkov) and Paramushir islands last year.


The boat has sails and a diesel engine.


Model: YAMAHA-33
Year of release: 1980. Was acquired by Andrew (current captain) in 2016 in Vladivostok.
Cruising speed 5.6 m/h, max. - 9 m/h.

КопияVHF activity via SAT

18 Jan 2017

In addition to the work on HF we also plan to be active on VHF via SO-50 satellite from island and from yacht on the way to the island. Equipment: TRX FT-60R, ant. 3+4 el. of yagi on 144/430. 


The new expedition team member

12 Jan 2017

The new member of expedition team is Stan, UA3LMR

Expedition announced!

18 Dec 2016

Expedition RI0C to Iony island is announced!

RI0C license is obtained

10 Oct 2016

The license for RI0C call sign temporary use activation Iony isl has been obtained.

The beginning of the expedition’s active preparations

31 Aug 2016

Preparations for the expedition began long before this date  but for today we have created the group in WattsApp for discussion of details of the upcoming event.

At this point we already have  had an agreement with the captain of the ship that would take us to the island, the dates and expedition team members.

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