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Dear friends and colleagues!
Our expedition is successfully completed!


In spite of the many difficulties associated with weather, equipment and finances, we were able to activate both claimed islands: Kambalny (Toporkov), AS-142 and Paramushir AS-025. 

In addition, Vasily (R7AL) and Vladimir (RK8A) found the strength and activated the island Ptichyy, AS-091 in the North of Kamchatka.

All QSO uploaded to Clublog and You can request QSL. Mailing QSL cards will start roughly in mid-October. 

In the near future on our website you will find photo gallery. We also write a story about the expedition and working to create a video clip.

Our team is very grateful to all who supported us and helped in carrying out this expedition!

Today we are prepare for the serious test - expedition to Iony isl., AS-069. We plan to be active as RI0C in second half of July, 2017. Please see full info on expedition web site:

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